Thought Leadership:
The Stats that Matter

Decision-makers spend meaningful time consuming Thought Leadership content and, when that content is done well, it has the potential to significantly influence brand perception and purchasing behaviors. Kahana is designed to help you manage all your research in one place and compose compelling Thought Leadership about topics you care about.

1. Thought Leadership changes the perception of your brand

Figure showing thought leadership stats

89% of decision-makers say that Thought Leadership can be effective in enhancing their perceptions of an organization.

Kahana is a perfect platform for curating and managing thought leadership.

2. Thought Leadership helps you inform buyers before purchasing

Figure showing thought leadership stats

83% of B2B purchasing happens before a buyer engages directly with a provider.

Using the Kahana Web Saver and uploading features, it’s easier than ever to collect, organize, and create thought leadership that is well-founded and high quality.

3. Thought Leadership builds credibility when it integrates trusted sources

Figure showing thought leadership stats

80% of decision-makers want Thought Leadership that includes 3rd party data from trusted sources rather than only proprietary insights.

Using Kahana’s toggling and viewing features like Zen Mode, thought leaders can streamline the process of analyzing data and incorporating numbers into their content.

4. Thought Leadership helps you attract partners who resonate‚Äč

Figure showing thought leadership stats

61% of decision-makers who are willing to pay a premium say it’s because Thought Leadership demonstrates deep thinking and virtues important to them.

When it comes to deep thinking and articulating original ideas, Kahana is a facilitating guide that helps you relax as you think and process information. The best ideas happen when you are in a state of creative flow, and Kahana helps you achieve this mentality more consistently every day.

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