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Kahana for Small Business

Your projects, research, and content, all in one place.

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Save plenty of time and get stuff done

Keep everyone aligned from scoping to launch day. Using Kahana for small business helps owners and teams create content and monitor progress all from one place.

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Designed for any team

Kahana is your one-stop-shop for connecting your small business

⚖️ Legal

Conduct diligence, review docs, and draft with multiple precedents all in one place.

📈 Marketing

Easily onboard writers and have more visibility across your team’s content creation process.

🔍 Research

Collect and organize all your reference materials in one hub while researching and writing.

"You have no idea how convenient my work process has become using Kahana as a platform [...] the user-interface is brilliant. It's easy to understand, simple to operate and strangely satisfying to use as a workspace."
Kahana Content Management customer review from a published author
Shrubaboti B.
Blogger & Journalist
"My life is so much easier with Kahana. Kahana is faster and better than what I used before. It's writer-centric and definitely the most efficient option out there. It is a heaven-send. It makes my life so simple."
Kahana Content Management customer review from a freelance writer
Gia M.
Freelance Writer

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