Kahana for research

Free up time to write and gain insights. House all your research, reference materials, content, and projects in Kahana.

Infographic cartoon showing a Kahana customer using Kahana on a laptop
Infographic showing Kahana for research

Do deep work and focus on what matters

Organize all of your research in an intuitive split-screen hub, with reference materials and notes linked together side-by-side

Kahana hub for patient centricity research.
"I think this is really solving a need. What my team normally needs Drive and Notion to accomplish, I could just do in Kahana."
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"This is going to be a great, collaborative tool for us. It makes my research and writing process more efficient and clear - I see us abandoning Google Drive."
Brian C.
Owner & Founder
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"It’s like cliff notes in my pocket. I like talking to physicians and customers about recent studies and trends. With Kahana, I love how I can have my notes on one side and my PDFs on the other - it’s very intuitive."
Noah J.
Clinical Sales Representative
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"This solves a pain point I've been trying to solve for 10 years. I would love to be able to send colleagues and clients Kahana hubs with smart links."
Andrew C.
Managing Director
Infographic showing the Kahana hallmark split screen hub with uploads on one side and drafts on the other.
Infographic showing Kahana smart linking to multiple file types.
Infographic cartoon showing Kahana subfolders and uploads.
Infographic showing the Kahana mobile web app being used for remote work
Infographic showing Kahana migration from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Migrate files from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

🚀 In Development

Upload files from other tools with just one click

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"I can see a lot of people using Kahana."
Kahana Content Management customer review from a PHD candidate
Peter T.
Clinical Psychology PHD Candidate
"Kahana stops the predictable pile up of website tabs during every research session that not only wastes valuable time, but also adds to the stress."
Kahana Content Management customer review from a researcher
Charley G.

Designed for any team

Kahana is your one-stop-shop for content management

🗓️ Managers

Share materials with your team and gain more insight into your team’s work.

⚖️ Legal

Conduct diligence, review docs, and draft with multiple precedents all in one place.

📈 Marketing

Easily onboard writers and have more visibility across your team’s content creation process.

Mobile Web App

Kahana mobile web app displaying hubs for Tumblr and Twitter.

Desktop Web App

Kahana desktop web app displaying a Hub about non-fungible tokens.

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