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Organize, create, and connect your end-to-end writing process in one place. Kahana for personal use is free forever.

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Why people love Kahana for personal use

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1. Write easily with your favorite plug-ins

Kahana syncs automatically with popular writing plug-ins. Never miss a beat when it comes to writing and editing.

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Infographic explainer for Kahana tags and metadata features.

2. Build a personal library with tags

As you invest into your ideas and research, supercharge your content management and categorize everything for any purpose.

3. Gain exposure with your creator profile

Make a creator profile for free with all your links (like LinkTree). Share repositories publicly and switch to private at any time.

Infographic explainer that shows a Kahana profile features for adding links and checking views on publicly shared content repositories.
Kahana's Zen Mode button is clicked to maximize screen real estate.

4. Achieve ultimate focus with Zen Mode

Organize everything in one browser window while you research and write. Autosave features log your progress automatically in the cloud.

5. Link your uploads to content

Never lose a thing. Pull up references and sources in one click with patent-pending "Smart Linking" features.

Infographic showing how the Kahana Smart Link function enables users to navigate resources.
Infographic explainer representing Kahana subfolder hierarchy functionality.

6. Toggle without tabs

No more tabs. With Kahana for personal use, you can organize all of your content, files, tabs, images, documents, and videos into neat, orderly folders, exactly how you want them.

Mobile Web App

Kahana mobile web app displaying hubs for Tumblr and Twitter.

Desktop Web App

Kahana desktop web app displaying a Hub about non-fungible tokens.

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"Kahana is the tool I wish that I had when studying at university. Kahana stops the predictable pile up of website tabs during every study session that not only wastes valuable time, but also adds to the stress."
Kahana Content Management customer review from a researcher
Charley G.
"I can see a lot of people using Kahana."
Kahana Content Management customer review from a PHD candidate
Peter T.
PHD Candidate
"I was honest to God able to finish faster with all the little bits of linked info at my disposal... it’s sorcery.”
Kahana user headshot
Amy M.
Master's Student
"I am so thankful to Kahana - before joining, I was nowhere near ready to publish. Just 4 months into my journey with Kahana and I have my first book out! How is that even possible?! Wizards I tell you!
Kahana Content Management customer review from a published poet
Leah J.
Published Author

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