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Your notes, research, study guides, and more - all in one place. Any student, teacher, and school can benefit from Kahana for education.

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Student creates repository of +2400 notes, +250 hubs, and +1600 resources ​

"Kahana is my academic livelihood... it’s sorcery. It's time I didn't know existed before. I am convinced that Kahana is a game-changer for any student and is the organizational wizard we never realized we needed.”
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Amy M.
Master's Student
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Stanford standout Dyllen Nellis shares why she uses Kahana for education how it saves time writing college essays

1. Organize notes and docs

Use Kahana for education and keep your class notes, assignments, lesson plans, and study materials in one organized split-screen hub.

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2. Study faster with Smart Links

Create the world's most dynamic study guides by linking your notes to your documents with one click, so you never lose track of a file.

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3. Write more efficiently

Take advantage of Kahana for education and organize everything in one window with your research and writing side-by-side.

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Designed with students and teachers in mind

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🀝Dedicated success team

As your strategic partner, our team will help your faculty and students use Kahana to make their daily tasks more efficient.

πŸ’Ύ Unlimited cloud storage

Never worry about storage again – organize all of your documents, notes, study materials, and lesson plans in one place.Β 

πŸ’‘ Tailored training & rollout

We’ll be with you every step of the way for support so that your faculty and students know how to get the most out of Kahana, from personalized demos to workshops and trainings.

🎨 Customized branding

Set up your dashboard to reflect your school’s colors.

"Kahana is the tool I wish that I had when studying at university. Kahana stops the predictable pile up of website tabs during every study session that not only wastes valuable time, but also adds to the stress."
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Charley G.
"I can see a lot of people using Kahana."
Kahana Content Management customer review from a PHD candidate
Peter T.
PHD Candidate
"Professors don't have a good way of giving materials to students in an organized way. Kahana helps professors organize their syllabus and materials for students in one place, and helps students understand and remember what they're learning."

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