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How to Effectively Organize Computer Files with Smart Links

You won’t find another feature that helps you effectively organize computer files easily as Smart Links. Everything in Kahana can be used to create a Smart Link – text, PDFs, images, YouTube videos, and more. Using Smart Links, content hubs can be customized to meet your needs.

Infographic showing Smart Link panel

Upload or Select an Existing File

Simply click the Smart Link button in Kahana to effectively organize computer files.

Create Your Link Text and Save

Easily write your Link Text in the Smart Link Panel and save. Edit your info at any time.

Infographic explainer for Kahana Smart Link functionality
Infographic explainer showing how Kahana Smart Links help to effectively organize computer files

Save Time Whenever You Organize Computer Files

Smart Links provide a time-saving solution for how to effectively organize computer files in the long-run.