Streamline content management with Kahana's elegant suite of features

Infographic cartoon showing Kahana global repositories.

Never lose context about a file or tab again

Use Kahana's unique smart linking features to connect your uploads to text and never lose track of what you need.

Easily search, sort, filter, and archive

Upload content in bulk from anywhere and easily find what you need with intuitive sorting and filter features.

Infographic showing how Kahana metadata helps you find what you need easily.
Infographic explainer that shows a Kahana profile features for adding links and checking views on publicly shared content repositories.

Gain exposure with your creator profile

Make a creator profile for free with all your links (like LinkTree). Share repositories publicly and switch to private at any time.

Compatible with plug-ins like Grammarly

Kahana syncs automatically with popular writing plug-ins. Never miss a beat when it comes to writing and editing.

Infographic explainer for Grammarly and Kahana compatibility
Infographic explainer for Kahana tags and metadata features.

Organize your library with tags and metadata

As you invest into your ideas and research, supercharge your content management and categorize everything for any purpose.

Share content libraries with a single link

Stop sending mountains of attachments. Save time for yourself and others by sharing useful libraries of content with a single link.

Infographic explainer showing Kahana link sharing features.
Infographic explainer representing Kahana Web Saver feature.

Write while collecting information snippets

Write blogs, research papers, thought leadership, and articles more seamlessly than ever, with your web saver plug-in and writing platform in a single browser.