Manage content easily with Kahana's elegant suite of features

Capture ideas anywhere while on-the-go

Make the most of your creative time. Use Kahana in your daily life to manage content, crystallize thoughts, take notes, and invest in ideas.

Kahana Mobile Content Management feature for organizing and writing content

Upload content from anywhere

Easily create new Hubs for any project and upload content wherever you are on any device.

Save web pages with stellar browser plug-in

If you find content you want to view later, just put it in Kahana. Install our best-in-class Web Saver plug-in on the Google Chrome Web Store.

Research and write in a single window

Organize everything in one browser window while you research and write. Autosave your progress automatically in the cloud.

Link your uploads to content

Never lose a thing. Pull up references and sources in one click with patent-pending "Smart Linking" technology.

Toggle without tabs

No more tabs. Organize all of your content, files, tabs, images, documents, and videos into neat, orderly folders, exactly how you want them.

Gather YouTube videos

Analyze content faster with embedded YouTube video links. Gather and watch videos conveniently while you write.

Share content seamlessly

Copy and paste to popular publishing sites while maintaining aesthetic formatting. Save time sharing content to your favorite channels.

Share with collaborators

Coming Soon

Invite friends and colleagues to collaborate, view, and edit. Save plenty of time sharing content. Perfect for teams, groups, and businesses.

Kahana Sharing Panel for managing content and collaborators

Build Healthy Habits

Coming Soon

Sharpen you creative skills and practice your craft. Build consistent creative habits with purposeful gamification, like Flow Streaks.