Kahana Employee Well-being Initiatives for Wellness & Creative Thinking

The intention of our programs is to foster community, collaboration, and well-being within any group or team of people whether in-office or remote.

We work with you to design and implement the ideal programs that will delight your organization, meet your needs, and drive tangible results.

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Increase Your Overall Employee Satisfaction Metrics
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Unlock the Full Creative Capacities of Your Organization
Carl Nordgren, a Kahana Employee Well-being Initiatives lead, poses for a photoshoot.

Carl Nordgren – Employee Well-being Initiatives Lead

Carl Nordgren is a Creativity Expert and serial entrepreneur—he started six companies and assisted in the launch of nearly a dozen, across a range of industries, from pioneering in cellular telephony to sports magazine publishing.

He taught over 50 courses in creativity and entrepreneurship at Duke for 14 years.

He is an award winning and best-selling novelist, telling stories rooted in teenage years as a fishing guide living and working with Ojibwa in NW Ontario. His calling is to help each of us grow our creative capacities and develop our entrepreneurial instincts and behaviors, a calling that informs his book Becoming a Creative Genius (again).s

Joanna Rajendran, a Kahana Employee Well-being Initiatives lead, poses for a photoshoot.

Joanna Rajendran – Employee Well-being Initiatives Lead

Joanna Rajendran is a Wellness Expert, Keynote Speaker, Mindset Master, Meditation Expert, Coach, and Author. Joanna spent 26 years studying with, learning from and assisting Master Teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch. 

In addition to teaching for over 70 years, Tao was an activist, an actress, a model, a producer and a writer. Later in life, she was on the Panel for Peace with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, collaborated with Tony Robbins and was considered by Deepak Chopra to be his yoga teacher. 

Joanna has instilled Tao’s teachings into her book, My Guru Wears Heels, and into her keynote speeches, workshops, and retreats.

92% of participants who participate in our Employee Well-being Initiatives
 are Actively Engaged* throughout the duration of their modules

Active Engagement

Active Engagement* is a measurement of over 3+ high-quality touch-points (e.g. sharing, speaking, leading exercises, etc.) between participants and the host and between participants and other participants during a 45-minute Module.

Build Employee Well-being Initiatives that are ideal for any-size group or team

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Tony Robbins and his wife, Sage, pose for a picture with Tao Porchon-Lynch.
Tony Robbins endorses Joanna Rajendran, one of Kahana's Program Hosts.

"From marching with Gandhi to becoming the world's oldest yoga teacher, Tao left a huge mark on the world. Sage and I had the honor of meeting with her and Joanna and it was clear the two shared a special bond. We are so happy she's sharing Tao's message of peace with future generations."

Tony Robbins

on Joanna Rajendran and Tao Porchon-Lynch

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Our Employee Well-being Initiatives are all designed with care and built from the ground up.

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