How to embed videos from YouTube in Kahana

How to embed videos from YouTube in Kahana #

How to embed a YouTube video
To embed videos from YouTube in Kahana, open the video on YouTube’s website and click on “Share”.

Select the “Embed” option and copy the embedment link. Refer to your Writing Hub and choose “Embed YouTube Video” after clicking on the “+”-button in the Uploads Menu.

Type in a name for the video and paste the embedment link and click on “Save”.

The YouTube video will appear at the bottom of your Uploads Menu.

Benefits of saving YouTube videos in Kahana
This feature is useful for anyone who wants to take notes and watch a video simultaneously without needing to go back-and-forth or hit “Pause” every few seconds to take notes.

This tool is especially useful for students and researchers who may embed subject-related videos and create complimentary draft documents containing information related to each video.

You can also make use of this feature in combination with Zen Mode by letting play relaxing lo-fi music as you’re working on your text.

This is a great way to reduce distractions and minimize the number of open browser tabs!

Infographic showing how to embed a video from YouTube in Kahana
To embed a video from YouTube in Kahana, navigate to the areas in the image (above) and copy/paste your desired video URL from YouTube.

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