How to use Smart Links

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How to use Smart Links #

In order to use Smart Links, you can do the following:

Create Smart Link
Highlight the text you want to create a Smart Link with. Select the Smart Link button in the toolbar OR right-click and select “Link…”.

A screen titled “Create/Edit Smart Link” will appear on your screen. Under “Link list,” select which file you would like to create a link to and click on “Save”.

When you are finished, the text will be underlined in blue.

View upload connected to Smart link
If you would like to view the file you created a link to, right-click the text and select “Open Link” OR press Command+G (Mac) or Control+G (PC).

Remove Smart Link
In order to remove a smart link you previously created, simply right-click the text underlined in blue and select “Remove link” OR open the “Create/Edit Smart Link” menu via the Smart Link icon in the toolbar and select “None” in your Smart Link list.

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