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How to share in Kahana #

With Kahana, you have the option to share your workspaces by generating and sending hyperlinks. These shareable workspace hyperlinks can be generated in multiple ways. Here’s how:

How to share in Kahana from your Hub
Within any Hub, click on the “Collaborate” icon in the top right corner of your window next to the “Refresh” button. After clicking, toggle the switch next to “View Only” and click on the “Copy” button. The link will now be copied to your clipboard and you can share that link with anyone by pasting the text.

How to share in Kahana via the Home Page
Right-click on the Writing Hub you want to share and select “Shareable.” From there, hit the switch icon to “Make Writing Hub public” and then click on the link that appears. The link will now be copied to your clipboard and you can share that link with anyone.

Once you share your Hub, anyone who clicks on the link will be able to view and navigate through the contents in your Hub (e.g., view resources/notes, click smart links), but nobody will be able to edit your Writing Hub or its contents.

You can share your content with any person on any platform – anyone will be able to click the link and view the contents of the workspace.

An infographic that shows sharing in Kahana.
The infographic above shows how you can create and copy a link for sharing in Kahana. First, click the “Share” button in the top-right corner of your hub, and then switch the “View Only” toggle to ON. From there, you can copy the shareable link to your clipboard and paste it into emails, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.

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