What are Kahana best practices?

What are Kahana best practices? #

Here you can find an overview of Kahana best practices to help you do more:

Copy & Pasting
Formatting is maintained when you copy/paste text from your notepad into other text editors (e.g. Microsoft Word).

Selecting Multiple Files
Use SHIFT+click to select multiple files simultaneously and move them into a Hub from the “Uploads” section or the Sandbox.

Best reading experience
The single/split toggle button within a Hub is great for multitasking between reading and taking notes on considerably text-heavy documents. For example, you can flip to a single screen and use Zen Mode to more easily read a textbook, and when you’re ready to take notes, flip back to the split-screen view to write and/or copy/paste from the textbook.

Working with other applications on your computer
Squish your window if you want to use Kahana alongside other applications (for example, if you want to toggle between files in a Writing Hub but want to write in Microsoft Word).

Organizing your virtual writing desk: Remove notes or resources that you no longer want from your Hub by right-clicking on the note/resource and selecting “Remove”.

However, notes will be permanently removed (whereas resources remain in your Sandbox), so please make sure you have any contents that you may want saved in another note or elsewhere.

You can create (sub-)folders and rename your uploaded resources and notes. If you would like to reorder your resources/notes, you can shuffle them around on your list of resources and notepad, respectively.

Working “ambidextrously” with files & notes
Move notes from the right side of your Writing Hub to the left by right-clicking the note and selecting “Create Resource From…” – this will result in the creation of a text file of your note on the left-hand side. This is a very useful feature for outlining; once you finish an outline, you can easily move it to the left-hand side to reference in order to start drafting your content.

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