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“It took no time at all for the founders at Kahana and I to realize we shared a common commitment to helping folks be their most creative selves, and I am delighted to bring this content to you.” – Carl Nordgren

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    In my work helping folks become their most creatively entrepreneurial selves I frequently resort to hyperbole to reveal a full truth and …

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    I taught over 2,000 students at Duke and year after year they identified these two creative practices (The 30 Day Creative Action …

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    If you stick with this blog series over a period of time you’ll find that Story is a topic we’ll return to …

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    In this second blog on Story, we’ll talk about the steps for building aspirational Stories. Plus we’ll review some Story Elements that …

    About the Creativity Initiative

    This initiative will be the first but not the last commitment Kahana is making to help you improve your skills and grow new talents by being and becoming your most creatively entrepreneurial self.

    We will follow a two-part strategy when delivering this content.

    1. You will receive proven, often research-based, easy to understand, quick to apply creative and entrepreneurial tips. Like spend 30 seconds twice a day staring at a green object—research shows meditating on green increases your creative performance 25%.

    2. You will receive creative and entrepreneurial concepts and stories so you can build your own foundations of greater understanding so you can take the creative tips and entrepreneurial strategies you find here and make them your own useful tools more readily.

    “I’ve been eager to kickoff my relationship with Kahana—we’ve decided it’s all about adding to their services to Creators by aiding you, helping you appreciate your natural creative and entrepreneurial qualities in ways that will cause them to appreciate in value by being more useful to you.

    For nearly 25 years it’s been first my job and then my calling to help creative professionals, entrepreneurs in all iterations, college and high school students and teachers, and business leaders grow their creative capacities and develop their entrepreneurial instincts and behaviors.

    They accomplish more and are more successful by being and
    becoming their most creatively entrepreneurial self.” – Carl Nordgren

    Carl Nordgren

    Reading for Creativity

    Looking to cozy up with a good ‘ol fashioned book? Make sure you check out Carl’s recommended reading for appreciating your naturally creatively entrepreneurial genius. And to discover more of the best books, visit Shepherd

    Why Shepherd? Shepherd is unique in that they ask authors to share their favorite books around topics and themes they are passionate about and why they recommend each book. They are creating an experience like wandering around your favorite bookstore but reimagined for the online world. 

    Monetize your content and grow your communities

    Kahana has teamed up with Flok, an easy-to-use app that helps creators grow using web 3, change how they distribute content, and give a more immersive community experience to their fans and followers. 

    With Flok, you can create digiverses that contain one or more types of content set by you, the creator. Monetize your content through user subscriptions or make it free to access with specific items for sale. Collaborate with other creators and co-create content while building a community of fans and followers. 

    Why Try Flok? Check out this Medium article on exactly that!

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