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Hydrating sheet masks: learn 3 useful best practices

Using hydrating sheet masks? Whether your skin needs a hydration boost, a little support to smooth fine lines, or to brighten up your…

Using hydrating sheet masks? Whether your skin needs a hydration boost, a little support to smooth fine lines, or to brighten up your complexion… we can all find a mask to suit our individual needs.


  1. Hydrating sheet masks: everything you need to know
  2. Downsides of single-use beauty
  3. Innovation: hydrating sheet masks of the future
  4. The bottom line

Hydrating Sheet Masks: Everything You Need to Know

Our beauty regimes have certainly taken a turn as we’ve adapted to salon closures and spa breaks are put on hold. According to the WGSN trend team hydrating sheet masks are just one of the beauty treatments that are expected to surge in popularity this year. Consumers are looking for products that give spa-like results at home. Hydrating sheet masks are just one way we’re looking to pamper ourselves, enjoying instant results with an indulgent, luxurious feel.

What are hydrating sheet masks?

Hydrating sheet masks work to retain their ingredients without causing any evaporation and loss of quality. Described as the “mini facial”, sheet masks are packed with topical ingredients, leaving your skin feeling flawlessly hydrated. Sheet masks are commonly referred to as a single use product, normally drenched in a serum like formula.

According to Ceryn Lawless at Escentual, “sheet masks have a higher concentration of active ingredients than traditional topical skincare products, and the sheet can help push the ingredients deeper into the skin.”

Clean Beauty Controversy: Are Hydrating Sheet Masks Bad for the Environment?

Many view hydrating sheet masks as a sensational, affordable, and effective method of treating skin. However, according to beauty experts and trends predictions, the effects of these typically plastic-packed, popular, single-use products can be detrimental to our environment. There’s a calling to ditch the products that only serve a one-time purpose, in favor of clean beauty.

We’re going through radical times of change, where consumers are challenging the beauty brands and want to know what their pledge is to our planet.

Brands are addressing the environmental challenges in the beauty industry, creating an ever-growing clean beauty movement. For now, clean beauty does not carry a specific description; for instance, clean beauty might tackle any issues surrounding a lack of transparency or ensure that any ingredients used are non-toxic.

Downsides of single-use beauty products

So, what are the downsides of single-use beauty?

Every year, the beauty industry produces a colossal amount of packaging, we toss 96% of packaging into our bins after just one use, and a lot of this is unfortunately plastic-based. With only 9% of all plastic waste being recycled – more changes need to be made.

There are unfortunately a lot of unsustainable hydrating sheet masks on the market. Many popular sheet masks are made from synthetic materials that can’t be recycled or reused.

What positive changes are being made to resolve this?

There is good news! With the rise of re-usable alternatives, you can now keep using hydrating sheet masks in your routine, but with a whole range of extra benefits without the negative impacts.

The Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler Mask

Ceryn at Escentual recommends the Eucerin Hyaluron-Filler mask for a lower price than competing alternatives, and even better, the packaging is recyclable. Described as “feeling like a second skin”, this mask is a saviour for sensitive skin in need of some tlc. Watch out for more hydrating sheet masks on offer in the coming months.

Cue re-usable and biodegradable hydrating sheet masks! These hydrating sheet masks are a win-win for your skin and the environment. The use of new materials such as bio-cellulose, makes our products inherently a lot more environmentally friendly. As mentioned above, the Eurcerin Hylaruon-Filler mask is also made from bio-cellulose, meaning it’s biodegradable.

Innovation: hydrating sheet masks of the future

For example, Medik8 is a highly recommended and innovative beauty brand that offers an intensely hydrating sheet mask, made from bio cellulose, without any artificial fragrance, and is in fact vegan! However, the sheet masks are still intended for one time use and cannot yet be recycled.

The beauty industry is making steady changes with the use of new materials, less packaging, and non-toxic ingredients. However, there are still leaps and bounds to make. Also, make sure to have a brief look at what ingredients they include in the sheet mask before purchasing to see if they are non-toxic, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Here is the shortlist of the best hydrating sheet masks recommended by dermatologists and beauty experts in 2021!

  • For glowing skin – Want exceptionally glowing skin? Consider the BY TERRY Baume de Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask (25g). This sheet mask combines rose damascena, black rose, vitamin E, and rose hip. This hydrating sheet mask leaves your skin feeling silky-smooth and rejuvenated. It’s the perfect morning pick me up before applying your makeup.
  • For skin that needs an overall service – Need a rejuvenating tune up? Ceryn from Escentual also recommends the Guerlain Abeille Royale Honey Cataplasm mask. This is a set of “four hydrating sheet masks that will re-plump, nourish and minimise fine lines and wrinkles in just 15 minutes.” This hydrating sheet mask is a must-have for those looking to repair and care for their complexion.
  • For skin that needs a lift – Ceryn’s second recommendation is the Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask which contains 5 hydrating sheet masks. This mask is a “naturally-derived sheet mask, infused with organic oat sugars and line-filling pearls.” What a dream to support your skin, lift your face, and address any signs of ageing.
  • A budget beautiful option – looking for something that won’t break the bank? Lastly, for an affordable and well loved treat by many beauty bloggers, the Garnier moisture bomb is the perfect mid-week pick me up to achieve a “glowing complexion, intensely hydrate and revitalise, and fight tired skin.” For a budget-friendly price, this hydrating sheet mask shows proven results in just 15 minutes.

The bottom line

There we have it! The pros and cons of hydrating sheet masks. Overall, they are the perfect tool to hydrate your skin and help you feel refreshed from the comfort of your own home. There are some downsides to the environment, but many beauty brands are ahead of the game with new materials and technologies.

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