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Boho pillow tips: 16 simple ways to inspire wellness

Boho pillow buzz?

There is no secret that Bohemian style (commonly referred to as “Boho”) has grown in popularity and availability over the last century, lending its influence everywhere from modest homes to boho pillows, to red carpet glamor.


  • Overview: why the Bohemian style is historically popular
  • How to findboho pillows on Amazon
  • Ways to get authentic hand-crafted boho pillows
  • Seasonal essentials: boho pillow styling considerations
  • Home tips for a boho style decor

As it becomes more commonplace, some may push for more defined characteristics to describe the style. Google defines Bohemian as “socially unconventional in an artistic way,” yet how can we call it unconventional when everyone is doing it?

Bohemian styles can be spotted throughout history for no less than 200 years. The culture was initiated by artists who found themselves staring poverty in the face with the French Revolution coming to a close. With their pockets empty, they were left desperately trying to get by during a time when their passions and professions had tragically rendered them irrelevant. While at first their style was reminiscent of the nomadic culture, it evolved throughout the years from romantic to beatnik, and passing through hippie while on the way to what we consider Boho chic today.

Personally, I think it is safe to assume that even a word initially used to define an eclectic and daring style was bound to represent a more consistent definition as it gained notice and popularity among the masses. While it does seem entirely probable any style would evolve, it does not seem practical for a new label to be assigned once established.

Bohemian is a culture rich with history and, despite its humble roots, it continues to inspire many across the globe today. While some may feel the label is no longer authentic due to constant availability in mainstream shopping, others embrace the warmth and comfort Boho lends to their homes and lifestyles.

How to find boho pillows on Amazon

When considering the incorporation of Bohemian accents into your own life, the most exciting part is the wide variety of styles that all seem to fall under the “Boho chic” label, truly giving you the freedom of self expression, all while remaining on trend. A simple way to explore whether this is the right style for you would be to work Boho pillows into the decor throughout your home.

As you search for throw pillows, it is absolutely crucial to remember the idea of Boho can be altered to seamlessly fit into whatever current decor is already present. Any colors, bright or neutral, apply, as well as a variety of textures. The top 10 customer rated boho pillows on Amazon that fall under the “Boho” search term range in theme everywhere from macrame to plants, and music to woodland creatures.

Let us take a look at a few of the top rated pillows and pillow covers on Amazon that are great options when you have to stick to a strict budget:

Ways to get authentic hand-crafted boho pillows

If you want to make a concerted effort to stay as true as possible to the definition of Bohemian, your quest for home decor will need to be centered around small business and individual crafters. While these things can sometimes be found through Amazon, it is often challenging to discern which available items on Amazon are legitimately crafted and which are mass produced.

Additionally, as desirable as it may be to stroll downtown, weaving in and out of shops looking for just the right Boho chic addition for your home, the global pandemic is preventing many from doing so comfortably. Fortunately for us, we are living during a time when anything we need can be found online.

An excellent website for sourcing individually crafted and unique items is Etsy. When searching Etsy for Boho pillows, it is possible to view over 40,000 choices, even after refining the search to only include the more affordable options under $50.00. If you can fit it into your budget, purchasing from a small business is a great way to show support to individuals while exploring your own taste in home decor.

Here, you can discover just a few of the more affordable Boho chic options available on Etsy:

Many of these pillows are handmade with love and some are even vintage, lending themselves to even more of an authentic Bohemian vibe.

Seasonal essentials: boho pillow styling considerations

Commonly, people also love to change out their home accents along with the season. Fortunately, this is an easy task when using Boho decor. You may integrate textures such as macrame or tufted pillows throughout your home during autumn or winter, alluding to the cozy warmth of a sweater or crocheted blanket we seem to crave at that time of year. Alternatively, smoother pillows with images of greenery may be more appropriate during spring, bringing some of the bright and refreshing aspects of nature inside and ridding your home of the stuffy feeling that may have begun to set in by the end of winter.

Lastly, let us consider a few stunning options from Etsy to transition your home throughout the seasons:

Another thing to consider when selecting new accent pillows for your home is practicality. Perhaps you live alone and keep the company of responsible adults, so washability isn’t a factor for you and, therefore, you can focus solely on appearance and luxury. However, if you have children or pets in your home, washable pillow covers may take precedence over style. Rest assured, you will be able to find what you need, regardless of what is important for your lifestyle.

Once you have found the perfect Boho chic addition to your home you will want to ensure you pay close attention to the listing prior to purchase, as filler pillows will be a necessary addition if only pillow covers are selected. If you are anything like me, you want your accent pillows to be as fluffy and firm as possible, displaying a bit of luxury in your home. In order to achieve that specific look, you will need to select pillows that are two inches larger than the pillow covers. This can present a slight challenge when placing or removing the covers from the pillows, but the payoff will be worth the extra effort.

Home tips for a boho style decor

Now that I have shown several examples of Boho chic pillows to incorporate into your decor, it is time for you to venture forth and find your own personal Bohemian flair. Once you have explored the trend and had a chance to determine if it fits into your ideals, you ca

n then slowly begin to integrate other items in a similar style until you feel you have reached the perfect balance of Boho in your home and even wardrobe, if you are so inclined.

I would like to leave you with a few ideas I have to further include Boho chic in your home once you feel comfortable and well established within the trend:

The bottom line

Throughout your quest to bring Boho chic into your home in a world where it has become commonplace, my biggest wish is that you will find your own way to be socially unconventional in the most artistic way you desire. We may be living in a world that caters to conformity, but we all have the opportunity and ability to come into our individuality.

I care about working with people that want to make a difference. I look to help people engage and connect with their audiences on a deeper level. If you’re interested in finding out more behind the buzz and learning about my personal story, please visit my blog!

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