About Kahana

Our mission:
to jumpstart creativity

The mission of Kahana is to enable people to live in a future where the creative experience is seamless and immersive.  

About Kahana: Cartoon showing a person dancing while using Kahana

We strive to hear the pain points of creators

In a world where all forms of creators often feel alone and misunderstood, we listen with care to individuals’ problems and pain points in order to design the right solutions.

Cartoon drawing of a kid looking up at a stack of books
Cartoon illustration of a kid writing vigorously on a sheet of paper
Cartoon drawing of a kid smiling proudly after finishing a piece of writing

We felt frustrated with the status quo

If you were wondering, Kahana means “turning point” in Hawaiian. The turning point in our story happened when we began noticing that our friends in the writing community often felt frustrated using status quo content management and writing products that would ultimately clutter their desktops instead of fostering creativity.

Instead of accepting the status quo, we embarked on a journey to build a more useful, ergonomic experience for folks.

Infographic showing one of the problems that Kahana aims to solve
Infographic showing the first drawings of the Kahana software platform schematics
Infographic showing the first Kahana prototype program

Behind the scenes of our process

How do you go from idea to creation? We all have unique creative processes, but to sum it up, we are all gathering, organizing, and ultimately consolidating various sources of inspiration for our creative projects. With this in mind, Kahana aims to smooth your creative experience, remove roadblocks for you, and be the glue that helps you form your creations.

We have a joke at Kahana that simply capturing a creative idea when you have one is like running into an elusive Yeti: you can never predict when it’s going to happen so you need to be prepared.

We keep this example in mind throughout our own design process. We want to create something that will help you easily capture all your inspiration no matter what.

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Our Team

We are fortunate to work with some of the best creators and investors in the world. Many creators have contributed generously to the growth of Kahana. We are a diverse group of people interested in art, pets, music, cooking, and travel.

Jonathan Gans headshot
Jonathan Gans
CHief executive officer
Eugene Kaminsky headshot
Eugene Kaminsky
Chief technology officer
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Adam Kershner
Chief product officer

Jumpstart your creativity

Thank you so much for your interest and reading about us. Now, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the journey! Our community is active on the Kahana forum, but you can also find peeps elsewhere. Come say hi! 👋

Interested in joining our team? Visit our Careers page

What's next?

Kahana virtual reality headset