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About Kahana

A story of creativity

Kahana is a one-of-a-kind hub for creative minds. Our mission is to make the world more creative.

About Kahana: Cartoon showing a person dancing while using Kahana

Designed for creativity above all else

Our founding team noticed that too many folks were struggling with “floating doc chaos,” opening up files and links one-by-one, only to end up with a cluttered mess of windows and tabs. That’s why we built a tool that helps you see all your content in one window and focus on what matters. We felt like we spent enough time staring at screens all day, so we wanted Kahana to be a mellow and soothing green.

Cartoon drawing of a kid looking up at a stack of books
Cartoon illustration of a kid writing vigorously on a sheet of paper
Cartoon drawing of a kid smiling proudly after finishing a piece of writing

The future of Kahana

To further its mission, Kahana has teamed up with Carl Nordgren to provide stimulating content and resources that help you build creativity skills and become a better storyteller.

Carl is a serial entrepreneur and investor who started six companies and assisted in the launch of nearly a dozen, across a range of industries, from pioneering in cellular telephony to sports magazine publishing. 

Nordgren taught over 50 courses in creativity and entrepreneurship at Duke for 14 years. He is also an award winning and best-selling novelist, telling stories rooted in teenage years as a fishing guide living and working with Ojibwa in NW Ontario. 

And his calling is to help each of us grow our creative capacities and develop our entrepreneurial instincts and behaviors, a calling that informs his book ‘Becoming a Creative Genius (again).’

Carl Nordgren

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