Give Your Ideas a Home in the Cloud

Bring content to the cloud on any device or browser with the Kahana content management platform.

Breathe life into your most creative ideas

Kahana unites a suite of features for content management, research, writing, and more.

Kahana content management platform shown on a laptop.
Kahana's Zen Mode button is clicked to maximize screen real estate.

Maximize your screen real estate with Zen Mode

Zen Mode helps you focus within a single split screen window with uploads on one side and drafts on the other.

Connect your library with Smart Links

Never lose track of a thing. Pull up sources you need in one click with Smart Links.

Infographic showing how the Kahana Smart Link function enables users to navigate resources.
Infographic explainer shows how Kahana helps to publish content in sequences.

Save time and curate your content in batches

Easily create new Hubs for anything and unify your content across all devices.

Save web pages with stellar browser plug-in

Install a best-in-class Web Saver plug-in to clip tabs into your content libraries.

Infographic explainer showing how the Kahana Web Saver plug-in enables saving content from anywhere while browsing.
Infographic explainer showing how the Kahana Flow Streak feature helps users form healthy creative habits and make daily progress.

Build your Flow Streak and boost creativity


Invest into your creative habits with lite gamification features, like Flow Streak.

Easily save YouTube videos in one place

Collect and watch YouTube videos conveniently for any purpose.

Infographic explainer showing how the Kahana embed YouTube URL link feature helps to save YouTube videos.
Infographic explainer representing shareable link functionality within Kahana.

Unify entire libraries of content for sharing

Make life easier for yourself and others by bundling libraries of content for sharing.

Organize everything with subfolder hierarchies

Arrange your uploads, resources, and notes with easy-to-use subfolder structures.

Infographic explainer representing Kahana subfolder hierarchy functionality.
Infographic explainer representing the Kahana Rewards Dashboard and referral program.

Earn space for referring friends and colleagues

For every referral, you gain extra Hubs so everyone can create even more.

An elegant content management platform for solo players, teams, and organizations

Infographic explainer representing how Kahana enables the sharing of complex ideas across sophisticated workflows and between collaborators.
Infographic explainer representing the boost in transparency that users gain from using the platform.
"I think this is really solving a need. What my team normally needs Drive and Notion to accomplish, I could just do in Kahana."

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