Modern Content Management

Kahana Mobile and Desktop Content Management tool for thought leadership
Curate a library of split-screen hubs with content uploads on one side and written drafts on the other.

Research and write in a single tab

Its never been easier to keep track of all of your project sources. Manage content with easy-to-use, split-screen Hubs for uploading files and writing drafts. Autosave your progress automatically in the cloud.

Kahana split-screen Content Management hub for thought leadership
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Really free!

Use Kahana for as long as you'd like at no cost. We only charge a flat rate for extra storage and project hubs if you need it

Start with ease

Play with your tools instead of fighting them. Start by creating Hubs and adding them to your own unique dashboard. Have fun as you tinker and breathe life into your ideas.

Kahana Mobile Content Management tool for creators
Kahana Content Management tool for multichannel content strategy
Kahana Mobile Content Management tool for multichannel content strategy


Focus on what matters. Achieve your goals and savor the journey with Kahana's ergonomic, all-in-one content management platform designed for the modern creator.

Invite your friends

Share the love! Invite your friends to join the fun, and for every one who signs up, we’ll gift you both 1 extra free Hub to add to your dashboard.

Kahana Content Management rewards dashboard for referrals
"I think this is really solving a need. What my team normally needs Drive and Notion to accomplish, I could just do in Kahana."
Kahana Content Management benefits chart comparing alternative content management tools.
Thought Leadership content produced for clients with Kahana Content Writing Services.

Content Writing Services

Each of our clients has a team of experts working on their account. Our team is here to help you strategize, create, and polish, and publish every single piece of content, at an unprecedented rate.